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Off-grid, renewable hybrid power supply for the resources sector


Nomadic Energy utilises modular, scalable and re-deployable systems that allows it to offer flexible power purchase agreements. 


Robust design for remote, extreme conditions

Low unit construction capital cost

Low unit installation cost at site


Low un-install and re-deployment cost


Allow an asset to earn a return over its useful life rather than project life


This allows Nomadic Energy to offer flexible PPA terms and cost-effective pricing


Systems are scalable for any project size and for any level of solar PV penetration or energy storage required

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Software Integrated

Real-time data is recorded and transmitted to monitor in-field performance and system diagnostics


This data allows us to enhance system optimisation 

Nomadic Energy is committed to being a long-term partner with its clients, and holds the firm view that integration of renewable energy sources will become increasingly important as a result of both environmental and economic factors. 

We are well placed to service the needs of clients from the initial stages of integration of small scale 'low penetration' systems, through to integration of battery storage systems to suit their specific needs. 

Illustrated below is the evolution of a typical Nomadic Energy site:

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