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Off-grid, renewable hybrid power supply for the resources sector


Nomadic Energy’s core offering is the supply of renewable power to the resources industry under flexible power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Our business model offers a range of commercial and technical advantages:

  • We will supply, install and operate the renewable energy generation systems alongside existing power generation assets, creating a hybrid micro-grid capable of significantly reducing current fuel consumption


  • Client costs are limited to the PPA with the client bearing no upfront capital or ongoing maintenance costs

  • Fuel savings are realised as soon as the system is installed, providing an immediate $/oz or $/t cost saving

  • The structure offers a low risk solution that results in an immediate reduction in carbon footprint

Nomadic Energy's approach is client focused, and we undertake the following activities as part of our service delivery under a PPA:


Review of existing power generation infrastructure

Modelling of operational cost savings and environmental benefits

Prepare PPA to suit client's requirements


Detailed system design 

Rapid deployment and installation of system at site


On-project management and maintenance of system

System optimisation 


System redeployment at completion of project

Site left in original condition

Use case applications for Nomadic Energy power systems include: 


Principal site power

Pit and underground mine dewatering

Remote bore pumps 

Accommodation camps 

Underground mine ventilation systems

Pit and underground mine dewatering

Ancillary power supply

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